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Manuscript Editor & Writing Coach


Writing your memoir

Everyone has a story. But not everyone knows how to tell that story. That’s where this workshop comes in. This two-hour workshop helps you figure out where to start and how to get writing. We’ll cover the story’s “container” (the general timeline), the structure of the story (standalone stories? Connected essays? A book-length project with an overall narrative arc?), and talk about how to be both the narrator of your book and a character in your own story. We’ll also cover the sticky stuff: where to draw the line between truth and fiction, and what to do when you’re worried about what other people might think about your story. Great for both experienced and aspiring writers who have a story they want to share. Whether you’re writing for the world, or for your children/grandchildren, this workshop will get you started.

Everything you need to start that novel

So, you want to write a novel. But where do you start? This two-hour workshop will cover the basic elements you need to know before you start writing your novel, from the main conflict to the timeline of your story. We’ll talk about how to get to know your main characters better, what the five major plot points are, and talk about how much outlining (or how little) you need to do to get started. We’ll also talk about how to get the writing done: how to set realistic writing goals, how to break through writer’s block, and how to keep going when it all feels just a tad overwhelming.

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Writing Coaching  

Writing Coaching

I offer writing mentor-style writing coaching on a monthly basis. Together, we'll talk about your writing goals for the month and decide on a number of pages you'd like for that month and set a due date. I'll check in with you along the way to cheer you on and help you through any stumbling blocks - like writer's block or finding time to write. Once you send me your pages, I'll provide in-depth written feedback within three days. Finally, we can set up a phone or Skype conference to talk through that feedback and make a plan for the next month.  

Great for: Writers who are struggling to get that first draft down, writers who want/need accountability and a cheerleader, writers who want guidance as they're writing the story (a great way to avoid major pitfalls!), writers who want to learn more about the craft at their own pace.

I will customize your rate depending on how much you'd like to write each month. Email me at to discuss your project.