Kelly Stone Gamble, author of THEY CALL ME CRAZY and CALL ME DADDY

                    “A writer and a good editor form a relationship, one built on honesty and respect  … you must have a partner that is willing to help you take it to the next level. My editor, and yes, she will be my editor again and again, not only helped me improve my work,
but helped me improve it more than I had anticipated.”

Alisia Leavitt, author of DOWN 

"What I love about working with Rebecca is the value you get from her serviceShe provides not just technical editing, but also constructive feedback on the story and characters with a seasoned writer's sharp eye. Her perspective is incredibly helpful."

Manuscript Editor & Writing Coach

Alison Taylor-Brown, 

founder of the Village Writing School in Eureka Springs, Ark. 

"Rebecca has been a wonderful asset to our school. She's a great editor for our students because she can zoom straight to the heart of a problem, yet she always leaves the writer encouraged and motivated to improve, and she gives clear advice on how that improvement can be achieved. And when I am submitting a piece that I want to be the best it can be, Rebecca is my editor of choice."  

Choosing an editor is one of the most important decisions a writer can make. Here's why other writers choose to work with me.

Diane Les Becquets, author of LOVE, CAJUN STYLE and BREAKING WILD


"Rebecca is the real deal Her writing is the kind you remember long after you've finished reading."


Eve Kasey, author of LOVE  IN STONE

                    “Rebecca's patience and professionalism were invaluable to me as a first-time writer with no training. Not only was she my line editor, she was my coach and gentle instructor. I literally couldn't have finished my novel without her.” 

Audrey Dillon, author of THE GIRL WHO SAID YES

                   "Rebecca Mahoney is simply a fantastic editor. She is observant and has an expert understanding of plot structure, story development, and what makes great writing. She is also very articulate and constructive with her feedback. I never felt embarrassed or stupid with my writing because she is so honest and open. She truly just wants to help writers be better writers. Every time I got more feedback from her, I can honestly say my writing took on an entirely new life. She is also incredibly knowledgeable about the wide and wild world of publishing. As my writing endeavors continue to grow, Rebecca is hands down the first editor I call."

Andrea Bobotis, author of THE LAST LIST OF MISS JUDITH KRATT 


               "Rebecca is a phenomenal editor. She possesses a rare talent: to evaluate both the panoramic sweep and the gritty details of a manuscript with equal rigor; and her ability to conceptualize a project and offer astute, actionable suggestions is second to none. Rebecca’s comments on my novel provided a level of clarity and nuance I had never before received from other editors. She was instrumental in not only carefully shaping my manuscript, but also helping me develop and polish all my querying documents. Rebecca is a high-caliber editor, job coach, and fairy godmother wrapped into one. I can't imagine going through this process without her."​

D.K. Reed, author of THE STONES OF BOTHYNUS series 


"Words cannot express how much I appreciate Rebecca’s advice and edits on my fiction series.  She helped coach me and together we turned the work into a polished masterpiece. She first did a beta read, then helped restructure one of the books and smooth the rough spots, and finally line edited three novels—the end result was first rate. Her passion for helping aspiring authors improve was evident and I felt our working relationship was built on honesty and mutual respect. Her professionalism, attention to detail and knowledge of the publishing world really impressed me.  I would highly recommend her editing services with no reservations!"